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Automotive Warehouse
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Automotive Warehouse
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Our Most Popular Brands 


​Below you will find a list of our most popular and 'most trusted' brands we carry on their respective category. While we are still looking into providing our valued customers an online resource for parts selection, inventory and pricing - it is still a 'work in progress'. In the meantime, we have provided links to most of our most popular lines.


Please do not hesitate to ask our staff about availability, pricing and quality. That's what we are here for.

Automotive Warehouse

Automotive Warehouse is home to AWM. One of Southern Ontario's largest and most diverse Performance and Accessories shops around.

If it’s automotive accessories, wheels and tires your looking for, we do that also and we do it well. On site we have a 2000 sq ft showroom offering everything you need to personalize any vehicle. Air intakes, bug shields, exhausts, you name it we carry it. Our showroom is designed with the auto enthusiast in mind. We have a dedicated, knowledgeable staff who can help with any questions you may. For those of you who have never visited our large showroom (one of, if not the largest performance showroom in Ontario) simply keep to your right when entering our store and follow the signs.

Automotive Warehouse Motorsports
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Automotive Warehouse is home to 1000's of your favourite and most reliable parts & brands.

Visit our new site to view in depth product features, categorized part selection, wheels & tires and so much more!! Check it out and see what has made us an industry leader for so many years.

Automotive Warehouse
Automotive Warehouse
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